Drew Strickland

Denver, CO • +1 (720) 297-8135 • andrew.flagship@gmail.com • http://www.drewstrickland.com


March 1998

Freelance Software Developer

  • Responsibly self-employed, with a focus on customer service and innovation.
  • Have worked as sole developer, as well as with teams as large as 30 developers.
  • Track record of reliable delivery on commercial, open-source, and non-profit projects.
June 2012

BootSwatchr.com Sole Developer

  • Responsible for product development and monetization.
  • Built application from the ground up, on NodeJS, Twitter Bootstrap, CanJS, jQuery and LESS CSS.
  • Have continued to implement new features as customer feedback comes in.
April 2016
October 2015

IQStrategix Senior JavaScript Developer

  • Responsible for Architecture and implementation of next-gen knowledge transfer product.
  • Built and Maintained ReactJS-based UI with NodeJS based micro-service layer.
January 2016
March 2013

Pearson Senior Software Engineer

  • Responsible for total conversion of user-admin application to AngularJS.
  • Created a live-updating I18L module for use on the front-end.
  • Managed and maintained several middleware projects and tools in Java and NodeJS.
May 2013
March 2012
Joined as Volunteer Developer, Emerged a Leader

SparkRelief.org Development Lead

  • Refactored platform from LAMP application to NodeJS on CouchDB.
  • Built a geo-centric UI, on Google Maps, CanJS, and jQuery.
  • Managed and developed with distributed volunteer developer network.
March 2013
April 2011

i3logix UI Team Lead, UI Architect

  • Architect over product look and feel, implementation, and features.
  • Worked very closely with Services, Product, Business, and Clients to create an integrated business solutions product on ZendFramework, and ExtJS.
  • Responsible for other UI developers, working with development team of 15.
April 2011
October 2010
Short-Term Contract

McKesson Healthcare Solutions JAVA Developer

  • Delivered Portal backed Content Management and theming system for use by third party clients.
  • Worked closely with services and product teams to implement project goals, while maintaining the flexibility of the system.
October 2010
February 2007

ServiceMagic UI Developer

  • Worked closely with Product, DBA, and JAVA Developer teams to implement site features and product initiatives.


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